Commission Factory Launches Integrations Marketplace to Streamline Partnership Discovery

APAC’s largest MarTech solution introduces innovative new features to streamline integration and open doors to endless partnership opportunities.

Sydney, New South Wales February 3, 2023 ( – Commission Factory, APAC’s largest partnership marketing solution, has introduced Integrations Marketplace to simplify partnerships for both advertisers and publishers. This new feature provides a visual directory of available integrated partners, including cart abandonment publishers, app tracking partners and user journey partners, all within the Commission Factory platform.

Integrations Marketplace simplifies partner discovery and connection with behind-the-scenes automation and an easy-to-use interface. Brands can now access new revenue opportunities, reduce manual tasks, and spend more time building valuable partnerships.

This new capability will give integration partners greater visibility to reach Commission Factory’s 800+ advertisers through quick and easy integrations and the ability to easily showcase their features and solutions.

Angelique Bosse, product marketing manager at Commission Factory, said the Integrations Marketplace will make it easier for advertisers to expand partnerships and power their e-commerce platforms.

“Our mission is to foster successful partnerships for both brands and affiliates. Integrations Marketplace simplifies the process for both parties to discover and connect with each other, creating new revenue opportunities and strategic Improve your digital marketing.It’s a win-win.”

Integrations Marketplace is now available on the Commission Factory platform. See the Advertiser FAQ for more information.

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Commission Factory is a global MarTech solution aimed at advancing the partnership industry through innovation, unparalleled partnerships and world-class technology.

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