Comfort-Focused Monitors : m24h

At CES 2023, HP announced the “M24h” full HD monitor and the “M27h” QHD monitor. These monitors are designed for optimal comfort, not to industry-leading specifications. This allowed HP to target the majority of its customers, home office workers, while keeping costs low.

M24h is a 24 inch 16:9 monitor with 1080p resolution and M27h is a 27 inch 16:9 monitor with 1440p resolution. The M24h and M27h feature impressive viewing angles, height-adjustable stands, rotatable display mounts, and onboard software that makes these monitors extremely comfortable.

The monitor has built-in display software that helps workers optimally position the display for their specific desk, chair, and sitting height. This is useful as the calibration process is often difficult for individuals to fully set up.

Image credit: HP

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