Code-Verifying AI Tools : testgpt

“TestGPT” is an upcoming generative AI tool to ensure code integrity. This tool is made by Codium AI and based on his ChatGPT from OpenAI. Starting with Python and JavaScript, it is designed to help developers test their code by providing suggestions for auto-generated software test suites to speed up coding and bug scanning. increase. TestGPT works by analyzing newly written code, docstrings, and comments as developers work, and suggests tests that should be run to ensure the functionality and integrity of that code.

The system leverages generative AI models and focuses on verifying code correctness and intended specifications. It aims to achieve high code integrity so that developers can develop faster. Codium AI, the company behind TestGPT, is a software code quality startup exiting stealth mode with the start of beta testing of tools powered by generative artificial intelligence.

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