Chrome on Android just got a major multitasking upgrade

Google Chrome users on Android should get a handy upgrade to their browser soon. The “Instance Switcher” feature seems to be moving from beta to the regular version of Chrome. This allows users to have multiple Chrome windows at once, making them more productive with it.

Having multiple tabs open at once is a common practice in all applications. best android browser But Chrome’s Instance Switcher goes beyond that. The mobile version gives you a whole new desktop-style window, each with its own tab.according to Chrome Unboxed This feature was added to Chrome Beta last year, but only recently became available to regular users.

(Image credit: ChromeUnboxed)

No official announcement from Google. ChromeUnboxed clarifies that the update “could be just a server-side rollout,” but by tapping his three-dot menu in Chrome[Windows の管理]I was able to discover new features by simply selecting . .

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