ChefKart launches ChefIt: One-Time Cooking Services

Through Chefit, users can now book a one-time cooking service with a trained chef and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals prepared right in your kitchen.

Gurgaon, Haryana January 12, 2023 ( – After cooking over 1 million sessions, serving over 6,000 households, and onboarding over 4,500 cooks, ChefKart now expands into on-demand services to meet long-term customer demands doing. With a growing interest in healthy eating habits and convenience, consumers are looking for alternatives to ordering online and cooking their own meals. And his ChefKart aims to make this a thing of the past.

Imagine coming home tired after a full day’s work and discovering that your cook is on vacation!

ChefKart’s Chefit is designed to make life easier for people whose regular cooks are on vacation and aren’t in the mood to cook or order online. With this service, ChefKart also aims to expand its market size and serve more households.

Let’s take a closer look at how ChefKart’s Chefit works and how it simplifies the diet of the people of Gurgaon.

What is Chefit?

Chefit connects cooks and cooks looking for healthy, delicious meals prepared in their kitchens. It is not only gastronomic, but also economical. The price for this service is only INR 299. I can’t believe it. Currently, users can get their food within 2 hours, but the goal is to make it a 10-minute service. provide the perfect experience for

Booking is a simple 3 step process. Access ChefKart App > Enter your requirements > Pay INR 299 > Enjoy delicious food at home

As Neha, one of ChefIt’s users, explains: lifesaver. she added further “My cook would often take unannounced vacations. After a busy day at work, I had no choice but to cook for the whole family. life has been organized and I can now book a chef whenever I need it.Recommended for working women.”

What are the benefits of the Cook community?

ChefIt is a bold step towards organizing the culinary industry and facilitating the gig economy in this sector. The service has been well received by the cooking community and our partners are looking forward to working with us and earning more. ChefKart also upskills its partners to make them part of the mainstream economy.

One of their partners expressed their enthusiasm in simple terms – “Now I can use my free time to earn extra income to support my family. Our community has never had the opportunity to work with businesses, but we I love all aspects of it. All my friends and neighbors are eager to join ChefKart and work together.”


This service is well suited to meet the cooking needs of people who don’t have the time or skill set to cook for themselves. The convenience, flexibility, and affordability of this service make it an attractive option for those who want to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals when regular cooks go on vacation or host house parties. From cravings to confusion, Chefit has it all.

Additionally, Chefit benefits the community by providing additional job opportunities. Chefit helps support the local economy and promote the growth of Gurgaon’s cook community. More and more people are able to use their time to generate additional income streams through their hidden talents.

In conclusion, ChefKart’s latest initiative, Chefit, is a revolutionary solution that could not have come at a better time. After great potential and skyrocketing success, expectations are high and we wish ChefKart success in its endeavors.

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