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Groundbreaking new technology could bring trouble to big companies

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot service that has been making waves in the tech industry since it premiered last November. Run by a non-profit research organization called OpenAI, the service was created as a democratized artificial intelligence service with virtually limitless potential for productivity and error.

OpenAI has grown its technology, in part thanks to very prominent investors such as Fidelity Investments, Andreessen Horowitz and Microsoft. (MSFTMore) – Get Free Report, made its third contribution.Other prominent investors include PayPal (PYPL) – Get Free Report Co-Founders Peter Thiel and Tesla (TSLA) – Get Free Report and twitter (TWTR) – Get Free Report Elon Musk CEO who invested $ 10 million in the project.

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Concerns about the ethical use of artificial intelligence (or AI) also surround the service. They range from the practical application of content moderation to the concern that very real people working in various industries will lose their jobs. And it’s not just independent creators who worry about AI takeovers.Google (Google) – Get Free Report We are working quickly to create a search engine chatbot with Code Red Alerts before ChatGPT becomes the preferred way to find information.

It looks like Amazon (AMZN) – Get Free Report acknowledges the popularity of ChatGPT. The e-commerce giant is now raising concerns about how its employees use its services.

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Amazon doesn’t want their data passed to ChatGPT

Amazon’s internal communications team appears to be encouraged not to share code or confidential information with ChatGPT. An Amazon lawyer reportedly stopped by and made a request after several employees asked if they had internal policies for the new service. is used to help generate code, and this may lead to company concerns.

Information received by the OpenAI system is used for further training. The more people interact with different uses, the more “learning” takes place. And that data absorption may include some of Amazon’s sensitive code and data. This can obviously be very problematic for Amazon.

Earlier this week, an Amazon engineer asked a chatbot to answer interview questions for a coding job at the company. A synthetic applicant got all the technical coding questions correct. This shows how much the service has learned about coding online.

Amazon layoffs, freeze new hires

Of course, the ChatGPT fake interview could be the last interview Amazon conducts. Like many others in the tech industry today, the digital warehouse company is going through a series of layoffs. Amazon suspended holiday hiring in early November after announcing a series of layoffs worth about 3% of its workforce.

Amazon Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky said inflation has reached a 40-year high. Olsavsky told reporters after the third quarter earnings report was released: and its rival Google.

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