Charlie Kaufman shot a short film with a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


  • Acclaimed director and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman shot a short film using only the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • The short story is called Jackals & Fireflies and seems to center around a woman going through some kind of life change.
  • You can watch the trailer on this page.

There are quite a few movies shot on mobile phones. But for the most part, the iPhone is the cinematographer’s tool of choice for shooting.

However, Academy Award-winning screenwriter and acclaimed director Charlie Kaufman seems to want to buck that trend. Filmed using only the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Watch the trailer above or check it out on YouTube.

The short appears to be about a woman going through some sort of life change. shows her in various scenarios with an ominous piano score going on in the background.

The trailer doesn’t hint at any breakthrough, but it looks pretty awesome. I can’t. However, once you start looking into the finer details, you’ll notice there’s a lot of grain, especially in low-light shots.

Still, it’s exciting to see the work of such an acclaimed filmmaker shot on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It’s good to know that not all movies need to be shot with an iPhone.

There is no specific release date for Jackals & Fireflies.

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