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From smart sleep aids to AI-assisted strollers, these are the tech gadgets to expect at CES 2023. Discover them on our blog.

CES 2023, the first in-person CES in three years, kicks off Thursday and the products are already in place. To help you find the best, here are 10 CES 2023 tech gadgets you should check out right now. AI-assisted strollers, smart pet communicators, AI-powered sleep headbands, and more.

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Humans have known for thousands of years that dogs and cats can understand human speech. The FluentPet Connect Smart Pet Communicator lets you leverage that understanding by tracking how often your pet presses certain button combinations. Decipher what your pet is trying to say.

And any parent anywhere knows the burden of pushing a heavy stroller up and down hills. The GlüxKind Ella AI Assist Stroller is an automatic push stroller that assists you uphill and downhill.

Ready to read about the hottest tech gadgets of 2023? Check out the products below!

1. Lenovo ThinkVision VoIP Monitor enhances your virtual meeting experience. Pricing starts at $259 and is coming soon.

Lenovo ThinkVision VoIP Monitor in Workspace

Add any of the following for a better video call experience Lenovo ThinkVision VoIP Monitor to your workspace. The collection consists of 3 displays. Each has a 5 MP camera with an infrared lens, dual mics, environmental noise cancellation, and more.

2. LG 2023 SC9 and SE6 soundbars bring immersive audio capabilities to your home. The price is undecided and will be released soon.

CES 2023 is almost here — 10 tech gadgets you should check out right now
LG 2023 SC9 and SE6 Soundbar with TV

pairing LG 2023 SC9 and SE6 Soundbar Enjoy LG TV with immersive and innovative features like WOW Orchestra. The soundbar uses audio channels from each of the two products. Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced Quality are also included.

3. GlüxKind Ella AI Assist Stroller It actually pushes itself and assists on the incline. Pre-order for $3,300.

GlüxKind Ella outdoor video

Pushing a stroller is not always easy. The GlüxKind Ella AI Assist Stroller assists you uphill and makes it easier. There’s also downhill brake assist to keep the stroller under control at all times. Plus, the advanced driver assistance gives him extra hands and eyes, making him one of CES 2023’s best tech gadgets.

Four. Bang & Olufsen Lunar New Year Collection The look is inspired by China’s ancient Silk Road. Prices start at $279 on the brand’s website.

Bang Olufsen Lunar New Year Device Collection
Bang & Olufsen’s Lunar New Year collection on display

The Bang & Olufsen Lunar New Year Collection celebrates the Lunar New Year with five popular products inspired by the classic colors and design elements of the ancient Chinese Silk Road. The collection includes Beoplay A9, Beolit ​​20, Beosound A1, Beoplay H95 and Beoplay EX.

5. Earable’s FRENZ Brainband AI-powered headband tracks and stimulates your brain for better sleep. Book now for $350 on the official website.

FRENZ Brain Band
FRENZ Brain Band for sleeping people

Optimize your sleep routine with Earable’s FRENZ Brainband AI-powered headband. Sleep more efficiently and deeply with 7-in-1 sensing technology. It also offers enhanced sleep reports, nap timings, and more.

6. DOTS.bike all-in-one safety device offers easy-to-use smart GPS and more. It’s priced at around $126 and will be available soon.

dots bike
DOTS.bike riding a bicycle

Make riding your bike safer with the DOTS.bike all-in-one safety device. It attaches securely to your bike’s seat post and combines useful features such as real-time geolocation, Bluetooth instant recognition, impact detection and help alerts. This is his one of our favorite tech gadgets at CES 2023 so far.

7. LG ARTCOOL Gallery AC unit heats or cools a room and looks like framed art. For pricing, please visit LG’s website.

CES 2023 is almost here — 10 tech gadgets you should check out right now
LG Art Cool Gallery AC in Living Room

Disguise the heating and cooling method of your bedroom or office LG Art Cool Gallery AC UnitThis gallery frame acts as an air conditioner that you can control from anywhere. It also supports voice commands from Google Assistant.

8. Shelly Motion 2 next-generation Wi-Fi motion sensor, revamped with a palm-sized design. You can buy it on the official website for about $39.

CES 2023 is almost here — 10 tech gadgets you should check out right now
Shelly Motion 2 White

to add reactive smarts to your home. Shelly Motion 2 Next Generation Wi-Fi Motion SensorIt senses motion in less than 200 milliseconds and instantly triggers actions like turning on lights or opening automatic blinds.

9. FluentPet Connect Smart Pet Communicator allows your pet to send text messages using a button. You can pre-order it for $69.95 on the official website.

Fluent Pet Connect
FluentPet Connect with Pets and Humans

Help your dog communicate with FluentPet Connect Smart Pet CommunicatorThese recordable pet buttons can teach pets to use language to help them understand what humans feel and think. This is his one of the most interesting CES 2023 tech gadgets.

10. SomaSleep home sleep mask tracks sleep metrics and eye movements to help you rest better. It will be released soon, and the price is undecided.

CES 2023 is almost here — 10 tech gadgets you should check out right now
Soma Sleep in blue

Get detailed data about your sleep with SomaSleep In-Home Sleep MaskIt’s lightweight, easy to use, and collects 8 hours of information about your sleep. Meanwhile, the award-winning SomaCap sensor tracks your eye movements.

With the gadgets above, CES 2023 is poised to showcase some really exciting products for next year. What would you like to see from this year’s show? let us know!

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