CES 2023: Google’s giving Android 13 a magic trick for music playback

Android 13 was released last year, but Google’s work isn’t over yet. A new feature announced at CES 2023 makes it easier than ever to play audio from your Android device on Bluetooth speakers. Called ‘uninterrupted listening’, this feature aims to make the transition from playing audio content on your phone to other devices seamless and intuitive.

With uninterrupted listening, a notification appears on your smartphone when you get close to your audio device. As you walk around your home, you may want to listen to a song or podcast on another nearby device, such as a smart speaker or TV. Walking into the kitchen near your Nest Audio when you’re listening to a song on your Pixel Buds Pro?


Essentially, it saves time spent sifting through and switching between the various apps associated with all your Bluetooth audio gadgets by providing a quick way to connect to your device directly from your lock screen. intended to be shortened. With the sheer number of Android devices out there, uninterrupted listening aims to make it easier to connect supported accessories and devices by streamlining the connection process.

Android 13 has done a lot to improve the Android media player. New features do a great deal to make it feel like a huge improvement over past iterations of the Android software. Google has been working on improving his Bluetooth capabilities on Android devices for years, and this is a solid next step.

A mockup image of Android 13's Continuous Listening feature.
What is continuous listening like? Google

Google hasn’t said exactly when uninterrupted listening will roll out to the general public, other than saying users can expect it later this year. remains ambiguous. We know that uninterrupted listening worked for Spotify and YouTube Music from the start, and will likely work for other music services later.

Luckily, it’s a quality-of-life feature, not a critical part of Android 13 that was missing at launch, so chances are some people are missing it while waiting for the update. Seems low. However, regardless of when it’s released, this feature will be a free update to all Android device owners, just like all other Android 13 updates.

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