CES 2023: Google announces redesigned Android Auto, seamless Bluetooth switching on Android

Google announced a host of new features for Android at its annual CES 2023 in Las Vegas. This includes an all-new Android Auto experience and the ability for an Android user to seamlessly switch between his Bluetooth audio devices using his smartphone. Here are some of the most important Android updates announced by Google.

Android 13 will allow users to seamlessly switch between Bluetooth and Chromecast devices from the lock screen and notifications. (Image credit: Google)

Listen seamlessly across Android devices

Google has introduced an updated media player for Android 13. With a new update, a media player in the lock screen and notification section of Android phones allows users to quickly switch between compatible Bluetooth or Chromecast devices. Google also says it’s working with Spotify to make it easier for users to switch between and Spotify Connect devices.

Android also has new ways to keep users listening to audio content throughout the day. When the user moves from home to a physical location, such as a car, the Android device will send a media notification asking if the audio should switch to a nearby device.

Android Auto redesigned

The new Android Auto experience is focused on helping users navigate, communicate with friends and family, and play music and podcasts. A redesigned interface brings the map closer to the driver’s seat, making it easier to see where the driver is heading at a glance.

The design also includes new media cards featuring your favorite album art using the Material You design. The new Quick Launcher gives users easy access to recently launched apps.

Another interesting feature is to allow users to share digital car keys between Pixel smartphones and iPhones. The key sharing feature will also be rolled out to Samsung and Xiaomi phones. Currently, this feature is supported by his BMW vehicles and will be rolled out to more brands in the future.

Google Assistant will also start offering new smart suggestions in Android Auto, including missed call reminders, instant arrival time sharing, and instant access to music and podcasts. Also, soon the user will be able to use her Android Auto to make his WhatsApp calls.

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