CES 2023 Day 1 updates: A sneak peek into the 5 amazing gadgets you must not miss to check out

While the innovators have yet to release all the products they deem to be the ideal disruptors for the CES 2023 Showcase event, some innovations are worthy of discussion and notable. From TVs to laptops to other fascinating AI tech unveiled at CES 2023, check out our curated list.

1. LG Glam Style

LG Gram laptops are considered one of the benchmarks for ultra-thin and light laptops. This amazing high-tech gadget is a must-have, but this device could also be a benchmark for flamboyant design.

The 16-inch OLED display on this £2.7 laptop is pretty sleek. However, the device’s most striking attributes are its color-changing appearance depending on the light and its eye-catching burnishing touchpad that disappears from view when not in use. Simply awesome, right? But it’s definitely unique in terms of laptop design.

wireless tv

2. The first ever wireless TV

There is no doubt that wireless technology is ubiquitous, making life easier for users. You can easily place your TV in the right place without any hassle. Displace TV aims to change that. It bills itself as the first wireless TV ever. The battery-powered feature of this OLED TV allows you to watch TV continuously for 30 days.


3. Ikoma Tatamel Small

This Japanese concept e-bike, the Icoma Tatamel, is small and much smaller when folded. The e-bike can be stored in a small place. Even if the power goes out while it is inside, it can be used as a portable power supply. The 600 watt engine will give you about 18 miles at up to 25 mph on a single charge when deployed and deployed.


4. Samsung’s “bend and snap” foldable screen device

Samsung’s latest concept device shows what the future holds for foldable phone technology. The right half of Samsung’s Flex Hybrid display actually swings outward, making the full panel’s aspect ratio significantly larger and folding the left side. 10.3-inch 4:3 display before slide expansion. When fully unfolded, it has a 12.4-inch 16:10 screen.


5. JBL Earbuds with Touchscreen, Battery Indicator

JBL’s Tour PRO 2 true wireless earbuds include a 1.45-inch touchscreen and a battery case with wireless charging. Access JBL One app settings and phone notifications using the case’s screen without ever touching your phone. Additionally, the display shows the battery level of each earbud and case. This is very useful knowledge at a glance.

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