Celebrating Women in Web3 on International Women’s Day

Los Angeles, Calif., March 8, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – In honor of International Women’s Day 2023, Archblock is proud to celebrate the women who are driving innovation and progress in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

Here are just a few of the many women making a difference in this exciting space.

Elizabeth Stark; Founder and CEO of Lightning Labs
Elizabeth Stark is a renowned expert in the Web3 space and has made significant contributions to the development and growth of this exciting new technology. She has played a key role in the creation of Lightning Her Network, a Layer 2 scaling her solution for Bitcoin that enables high speed and low cost transactions. Her work helped make Bitcoin more accessible and user-friendly, paving the way for wider adoption of cryptocurrencies. and has worked to promote diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Betty; co-founder of Deadfellaz NFT
Betty is the co-founder of Deadfellaz. Deadfellaz is her popular NFT project that celebrates the culture and creativity of the hip-hop scene through a collection of stylized zombie profile pictures. With her passion for her art and her dedication to her fashion scene, Betty has created her NFT projects that are unique and compelling, earning loyal support and interest from renowned studios.

Amber Vittoria; artist and thought leader
Amber Vittoria is a renowned artist and illustrator in the Web3 world. Her colorful and bold designs have been featured in a wide range of her NFT projects, making her a respected voice in the community. Her work is visually stunning, thought-provoking, and a testament to the creativity she has cultivated in this field.

Yam Kalkai; Founder of World of Women
Yam is co-founder of World of Women, an NFT project that celebrates women around the world. With her dedication to diversity and inclusion, Yam has created beautiful and inspiring projects. Her work is a reminder that Web3 has the potential to bring people together and celebrate our common humanity.

Monica Ho, CFA; Institutional Capital at Archblock
Last but not least, Archblock is fortunate to have Monica Ho as our inspirational CFA and Ambassador. Monica is a highly regarded financial expert with a keen eye for market trends and investment opportunities. She brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.

We believe the future of Web3 is bright and women will play a key role in shaping this new world. Through technological innovation, the arts, financial expertise and more, women are leading the way. We are honored to recognize the achievements of these amazing women. We also look forward to the many contributions they will bring in the years to come.

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