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Cleveland (WJW) – A generator drone is a sound you wouldn’t normally associate with a dental office, but this is no ordinary dental office.

Inside, there’s room for two chairs, an X-ray machine, a sterilizer, and even a drill.

Helen Cumings says she’s always been able to get dental care, and it’s nice to have a dentist come in for a change of pace.

“I think it’s fun to know if there’s anything good. I’d rather know. If there’s something bad, I’ll let them do something,” Cummings said.

The School of Dentistry at Case Western Reserve University uses this mobile office on the move to give fourth-year students more hands-on experience.

But it also provides much-needed dental care to people in underserved communities, where many factors prevent people from going to the dentist.

That’s why using RVs on the road has become so important.

“We take turns taking the bus once a week to various adult day centers in Northeast Ohio, but we have a waiting list. We need more people doing this kind of work.”

Dr. Suparna Mahalaha and Dr. Lisa Blackman have been working in public health for many years and have introduced dozens of new dentists to meet the needs of underserved communities.

According to the American Dental Association, 19% of African American seniors and 29% of Hispanic seniors are less likely to seek dental care simply because it costs money.

According to the CDC, about 40 percent of working-age, low-income African-American adults live with untreated tooth decay or, in some cases, tooth pain.

Minority children score better, but regular visits to the dentist for check-ups and preventive care can be very difficult

Being away from work can be time-consuming, expensive, and even finding a dentist can be difficult in many minority communities.

“If you are an adult and have Medicare, it will be very expensive to get dental care because it is not comprehensive and has no dental benefits,” Dr. Mahalha said. For example, let’s say you find a dentist that accepts Medicare Medicaid or private insurance, and there may not be many of them where you live.”

Dr. Mahalaha says it’s important to understand that public health can be a part of medical students when they finally graduate from school and start private practice.

Such experiences give them the opportunity to understand the need and, as part of their practice, volunteer in clinics and provide services to those who may not be readily available. understand why it is important to

“I think it’s amazing that a lot of work can be done on a bus right outside a facility like this, especially with older people, because dental offices have such a population. Because there’s not much to do,” said fourth patient Rhea Pate, a first-year dental student.

That’s why the two women say it’s important to provide health care to those who need it.

Whether it’s an RV for therapy or a quick checkup and oral care advice in a high-rise community room.

It is also important that patients see doctors who are similar to themselves.

Encouraging diversity by including more women and people of color in the dental field can also lead to better outcomes.

“Dental can do it. I’ve been doing this for a long time, but I need them to feel comfortable. It allows for familiarity. That’s the comfort level I can provide,” Dr. Blackman says. said.

Our mission is simple. Where you live, your race, or your ability to pay should not limit your dental health.

Case Dental RV has been in use for almost 10 years and has treated hundreds of people in the area in an attempt to fill that gap.

And how a little time and a little care can go a very long way by talking to people about their dental health and taking care of their cavities, and getting low-cost help when needed. There is always

“We provide community access and care for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. It’s also part of what we teach in dental schools… If you’re not there, no one can help.” We care for the population that didn’t give us,” said Dr. Mahalaha.

In addition to our mobile office, Case Dental School also offers low-cost dental clinics. We accept insurance and government assistance programs.

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