Cambria commissioners approve mobile crisis contract on second try | Local News

PATTON, Pennsylvania – A new contract has been secured for Cumbria County’s Mobile Crisis Management Service, after an earlier contract failed.

The Cumbria County Commissioner on Wednesday approved a deal between Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disabilities and Early Intervention and Breaking Barriers to provide emergency mobile crisis staff assistance for $200,000.

The deal came after the commissioner approved a deal in December to provide telephone crisis services with The Open Door for $147,170.08, but canceled the deal on unfriendly terms after a disagreement over the terms. I have opted out.

The company was already servicing the service before the December contract, and county employees had to backfill staff needs for mobile emergency calls earlier in the year, Barbin said.

Commissioner Scott Hunt said the county was delighted to find Breaking Barriers.

No contract start date is specified.

The contract with Open Door was canceled at a meeting.

Chief Investigator Status

The commissioner also voted to “take off pay” Christi Freoni, who was suspended as the county’s chief detective last month after being charged with an incident at her home. was given.

Barbin explained that employees are listed to be “removed from their paychecks” if they resign, retire, or are fired, county attorneys said.

Barbin said elected officials, such as District Attorney Greg Neugebauer, have rights known as 1620 rights, which allow them to hire, fire, or discipline their own employees. can. Status unknown.

No further details were given. County officials said they would not discuss personnel matters.

Katie Smolen is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow her on her Twitter @KSmolen1230.

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