Building the Valley: Buffalo Township woman launches Bubbly Bar and mobile bartending business in Freeport

Buffalo Township’s Nicky Wright is as fizzy as any grown-up drink, adding some spirit to Freeport with its new Bubbly Bar and bartending business at 506 High Street.

A longtime mixologist and bartender for restaurants and caterers in the area, Wright went independent in February 2021.

She offers a mobile bartending service with fresh juices and homemade herbal ingredients. Her High Her Street building serves as the headquarters for her Bartenders Her Business and Her Events space, which of course offers mobile bartenders.

“Would you like to make a cocktail yourself and show others how to make a cocktail, using all the tricks you learned from restaurants and friends?” Mr Wright said:

Although she doesn’t offer a walk-in bar, the public can check out her events that offer non-alcoholic cocktails, BYOB, food, and fun, including “Murder Mysteries at a Speakeasy.”

“After the pandemic, people were ready to party,” Wright said. “It was like the Roaring Twenties. I love the speakeasy era with great cocktails. That’s the inspiration for my Bubbly his bar.”

Wright’s “Garden to Glass” cocktail class will be held this spring. In this class, patrons can learn how to make their own strawberry basil shag, with or without vodka. The base of the drink is strawberry puree mixed with fresh basil leaves. It’s about taste, not necessarily alcohol, she said.

“Mocktails are a big trend right now,” she said. “Abstinence is a big trend given that people are more tolerant of alcohol and have gained extra pounds during the pandemic.”

Wright books bartending events, attends multiple events with rotations of 10 to 15 people, and employs over 50 bartenders during peak seasons.

Mayor Zach Ghent said he gets excited every time a new business opens in the borough. Having a business only boosts the success of the town,” he said.

Wright said he wanted to offer something different, engaging and fun in the ward.

“I know there is a boom in Sarver and Freeport and I want to be a part of it and show people what fun it is.”

Since the age of 18, Wright has been bartending at restaurants such as the Burgatory in Marysville and the former Bar Louie in Station Square. She also has a catering job and has held several shifts at Pittsburgh’s Bistro To Go Cafe & Catering (she is one of Pittsburgh’s largest caterers).

“I’m in love with the environment that’s part of a private event,” Wright said.

Then the covid-19 pandemic hit, and like many other food service workers, Wright’s life slowed down and she became bored.

She jumped at the chance to help out with refreshments for a friend who opened a soap shop.

“Everyone was always asking me about drinks,” she said.

During the pandemic, Wright was asked to teach a cocktail class. She grew up bartending and decided to start a small business. She got her certification. Word spread, Bistro to Go worked with her, and “everything blew up,” says Wright of her.

With her experience and long contact list, Wright’s mixologist business has flourished.

“People reached out to me and built partnerships with large organizations when a place was having staffing issues,” Wright said.

She has landed jobs for hilarious bartending events with the Duquesne Club, the Pittsburgh Zoo, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh Cityparks, and other major clients.

“They wanted a signature bartender,” says Wright. “I was creating something special with fresh ingredients, my simple syrups, my juices,” she said.

Wright grows drinking herbs at his home in Buffalo Township and plans to grow more at his Freeport building.

For more information on Bubbly Bar and bartending services, visit her Facebook page at Bubbly Bartending.

Mary Ann Thomas is a staff writer for Tribune-Review. You can reach Mary by emailing her at or on her Twitter. .

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