BTX Racing Becomes Certified Member of Blockchain Australia

Sydney, New South Wales March 24, 2023 ( – BTX Racing is pleased to announce that it has become an accredited member of Blockchain Australia, Australia’s leading industry network for blockchain technology. This partnership is significant as BTX Racing continues to innovate and create new ownership models, experiences and business processes for horse ownership using blockchain technology.

BTX Racing was one of the first companies in Australia to adopt a blockchain-powered mobile application, making it affordable for people to own racehorses. Ownership can be purchased directly from his BTX mobile app, effectively managing investor information, KYC requirements and Racing Australia regulations. All transactions are recorded on the Polygon blockchain and can be viewed within the app by all owners.

Leveraging blockchain technology, BTX Racing’s innovative solution enables fair and transparent access to horse ownership, allowing individuals and communities to participate in the horse marketplace with confidence. increase. With a passion for the industry, BTX Racing’s founding team works with key industry partners to bring the first wave of new products to the Australian horse racing market.

CEO and Founder Steve Peek said, “Becoming an accredited member of Blockchain Australia is an important milestone for BTX Racing and our commitment to innovation, transparency and accountability in the equine market. It further strengthens our commitment.” The company believes blockchain technology has tremendous potential to revolutionize the horse racing industry and is excited to work with Blockchain Australia to shape the future of the industry.

To celebrate this milestone, BTX Racing and Blockchain Australia have released a unique NFT Collectible. This NFT is free for everyone for a limited time and represents a unique moment in BTX Racing’s journey. Get yours now and follow BTX Racing’s journey as they release exciting new products over the coming months.

Blockchain Australia welcomes BTX Racing as its newest accredited member. The company built a blockchain he platform that makes owning racehorses affordable and offers horse enthusiasts new ownership models and experiences in a regulated way. Blockchain Australia is thrilled that BTX Racing will join the network of industry leaders driving blockchain adoption.

For more information, please visit BTX Racing’s website or Blockchain Australia’s website.

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