Broad Street revitalization ready for good times to roll

Mobile, Alabama (WKRG) — The newly redesigned stretch of Broad Street is ready for some fun, and several upgrades make the parade more accessible at this Mardi Gras.

City of Mobile Program and Project Management Director Jennifer Greene said:

From roundabouts that reduce traffic to grassy spaces that provide more space for people to stand for the parade, the revitalization of both utilities and streetscapes made to make them more accessible. It’s a project.

Mr Greene said: Thermal crosswalks are installed so that pedestrian crossings can be seen, so the red color of the sidewalk indicates where people can safely cross. You’ll also see asphalt bike lanes and concrete-lined multi-purpose roads, making it easier for many people to travel to and from the area for the parade. ”

All sidewalks and crosswalks are ADA-compliant, and the city’s new LED lights illuminate as the sun goes down.

The city says the new lamps will reduce light pollution but still provide enough light for drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians.

This work does not change the parade route for the Carnival season.

“People will see construction workers here and there completing some things during the day,” Green said.

But nothing can stop the fun from starting! Next, the city is working on a stretch along the MLK.

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