Bringing Solar Light and Hope to Ukrainian Refugees

New York City, NY, February 22, 2023 ( – The amount of destruction is staggering considering it’s the one year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Millions of people have no access to electricity or have been displaced from their homes, trying to live the best life possible. But with so many tragedies and global political turmoil making headlines, it’s easy to overlook the incredible people and organizations dedicated to helping humanity.

As an impact-focused company, MPOWERD provides portable, solar-rechargeable lights and mobile chargers for people living in humanitarian crises, natural disasters, and areas without access to traditional lighting and power. Since the conflict began, over 80,000 Luci solar lights and mobile chargers have been delivered to Ukraine and surrounding countries. Through partnerships with the amazing organizations and individuals who hand out these lights, MPOWERD is able to provide direct assistance to individuals and families.

“This is why MPOWERD exists,” asserts Founder and Chief Business Development Officer John Salzinger. “Our aim is to help people when they need it most. This year, thanks to our incredibly loyal customers and supporters, we are partnering with over 25 NGOs deploying Luci lights in Ukraine. Luckily, we are well positioned as a vehicle for positive impact.”

World Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by chef Jose Andrés, has delivered over 200 million meals and 50,000 Luci solar lights with mobile charging capabilities to Ukraine in the past 12 months. and to those around them. Within 24 hours after the first bomb was dropped, the organization was stationed at his seven border crossings in his eight counties bordering Ukraine, terrified people fleeing the country. prepared to provide food and supplies to

Jason Collis, Vice President of Relief, World Central Kitchen, said: “Our mission is to give hope through food, and it is wonderful to be able to provide light in the dark.”

Additionally, amazing individuals like Lena Contor, a Ukrainian woman from Pocatello, Idaho, who raised over $30,000 and made five trips to Ukraine and Poland last year to pack luci lights for families without electricity I delivered a suitcase.

“The end won’t come soon. I can’t do much, but I need to work, cook, and sew, so the light helps. They still pretend to live a normal life.” There is a lot of symbolism in giving light, because you can give people hope just by holding on in the dark.”

Even newly established non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like Sunlight Ukraine have mobilized university students from the Catholic University of Ukraine to install about 3,400 luti lights and power banks for the elderly, far from the city’s power system. People living in rural areas, people in conflict areas like Kherson and Bakhmut.

“These Luci Pro lanterns have proven to be very effective,” said Paul Andrews of Sunlight Ukraine. “They allow mothers to comfort their children in underground bunkers and provide light. Students can continue their studies even during power outages. It helps and reassures us that we survived the recent missile attack.”

With conflict in sight and millions still living in fear and darkness, providing light is a glimmer of hope for families to stay alive, a real life. line.

Seungah Jeong, President and CEO of MPOWERD said:

There are many ways to get more Luci Light into the hands of Ukrainian citizens and refugees. For example, if an NGO partner delivers lighting, the customer can purchase Luci solar lights through the Give Luci program without having to ship physical lighting to the affected areas. For organizations or businesses looking to purchase larger quantities of her Luci lights, please email

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