Bridging Mobile Phones, Console Gaming, TV Set Tops, and More

New capabilities enable users to resolve issues instantly via self-service or by connecting with an agent

San Francisco, January 23, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — help shiftrecently acquired by Keywords Studios, an established leader in in-app customer service and user support for mobile-first brands, today announced the company’s patent for a revolutionary breakthrough in mobile app support. announced. Helpshift’s patented technology allows consumers to use their mobile phone as a bridge to conveniently protect customer service across consoles, his games, TV set-tops, and real-world environments.

The patent is based on Helpshift’s API, which brands can use in console games, TV set-tops, or real-world objects such as hotel kiosks, store merchandise, and packages received in the mail. The Helpshift API captures customer contextual information and generates secure QR codes and secure URL links for customer service. This link is used by consumers using mobile devices to initiate a personalized support experience that retains the initial context. This saves time and increases efficiency at each step of customer support.

Customer support is moving to conversational AI and automation to streamline processes, reduce wait times, and improve the efficiency of customer support agents. Customer expectations for support are also rapidly changing, making customer experience a key driver of brand loyalty.1 65% of US customers say a positive experience with a brand is more influential than good advertising. And 32% of all customers said they would stop doing business with a brand they liked after a single bad experience.2

Conversational AI and automation are becoming more prominent within web chat tools and mobile applications, but the market is missing these enhancements within game consoles and physical environments. Helpshift’s patented QR code support feature brings self-service to these experiences. The user scans her QR code and is directed to one of three experiences (depending on how the brand wants to set it up): instant self-help, automated chatbot, or message with an agent. am.

This patent recognizes that Helpshift’s technology opens up new possibilities for customers to receive new, immediate, and personalized customer support experiences. By bridging the gap between brands’ mobile apps and the customer’s physical environment, game developers, retailers, and hospitality brands can unlock creative ways to provide support and engage with customers. I can.

Gameloft, an international developer and publisher of games for all digital platforms, was one of the first Helpshift clients to implement this patented technology.

“This solution came at the perfect time for us as we had planned several console-focused releases. I am very pleased with the results,” he said. Anna Yangolenko, Customer Care R&D Coordinator, Gameloft. “We have seen significant improvements in all key KPIs. CSAT is one of the most important and biggest improvement areas. We plan to implement this solution in all major games.”

“Helpshift has already enhanced mobile support. 4B This patent helps further our momentum in bringing these same tools to console games, TV, and the real world. ” Eric AshbyHead of Product at Helpshift.

Below are some key examples of how Helpshift’s patented customer support experience opens up new opportunities for better customer service, both in-app and in real life.

  • We provide contextual support at no cost to you. If someone is playing the game and has a problem, Helpshift allows the user to use their mobile device to scan a QR code and jump directly from that part of the game to the support experience. By simply accessing that QR code, our support team can instantly know the exact context of who the customer is, where they were in-game, and how they can help. increase.
  • Get instant support with a QR code: Helpshift offers the first secure QR code generator for customer support. Brands can instantly provide relevant support to their customers via a dedicated Her QR code without the customer having to search, enter or re-enter authentication credentials. This QR code is more than just another website URL. It’s contextually aware, keeps customer information safe, and makes private information visible to support teams for a frictionless support experience.
  • Get answers to your questions in store or in your mailbox. What if a customer is shopping in the aisles of a store and wants more information about a product? What if he or she buys a new product and has a question as soon as the package arrives? Helpshift’s patented API empowers brands to deliver a more valuable customer support experience, connecting with customers via mobile devices while providing the right answers wherever they are in the physical world. We support.
  • Eliminate long lines with self-service: By offering easy self-service that customers can access from their mobile devices, retail brands can eliminate long waits for customer service and shorten long lines at checkout and concierge desks.
  • Easier Product Returns: In a retail store, if a customer receives a package with a damaged item or the wrong size item, they can use their mobile phone to scan the packing sheet so that the support team knows who they are and what was delivered. You can start a secure support experience that lets you know who you are. , and other information are automatically and fully protected.

Customer support is becoming a tipping point for building customer loyalty (or suffering from customer attrition). Helpshift’s patented technology enables brands to provide customers with contextual and secure support that bridges the gap between mobile apps and the real world.

“People are using mobile apps as an extension of their everyday shopping and real-world experiences, and they want a higher level of customer support that bridges the gap between mobile and real life.” Eric Vermillion, CEO of Helpshift. “Brands must seize this opportunity to deliver seamless, player-centric, mixed-world experiences that engage people wherever they are, provide the right support, and show that they care about their consumers. ”

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1 Appnovation, “Digital Innovation for the Experience Economy.”
2 PwC, “Experience is everything. Here’s how to do it right.”

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