Bond denied for suspect in multiple Mobile shootings

Mobile, Alabama (WKRG) — A Mobile County judge has granted the district attorney’s request that Darius Lawther be held without bond under the Ania Act.

Lawther, 19, has been charged with three shootings in two months in Mobile.

Rowser was arrested on January 3 after a police chase in Pritchard. Police said he was involved in a shooting on Interstate 65 service just after Christmas at a Walmart on his road, a home invasion and robbery on his Ave. Dukes in December, and a paparazzi shooting at his nightclub in November. was wanted in.

Rowser faces 14 counts including attempted murder, robbery and assault.

It was a long public hearing that lasted nearly four hours. A robbery police detective testified on all three of his robbery cases.

On November 26, four people were shot at by paparazzi at a nightclub on Dauphin Street. Two people, John McCarroll and Lawther, were arrested for the crime. Detectives McCarroll and Roswar, who testified in court, can be seen on surveillance video inside the paparazzi entering the bathroom together shortly before the shooting. You can see them getting into the car together.

During a court hearing, Detective Carmelo Dirks, who co-defended with Lowther in the Walmart shooting, testified that a man called “Juby” was the person detectives identified as McCarroll. ”

A bullet casing was found inside a paparazzi nightclub. Detectives testified that these casings matched another crime involving Lowther.

45-caliber casings were found at a paparazzi nightclub and on Dukes Avenue after the robbery. When asked, he says he was playing on a PlayStation 5. When one brother went to open the door, detectives said the three had forced their way in and opened fire.

Detectives say the brothers didn’t know who the suspect was.

Detectives testified that a PlayStation 5 stolen from the Dukes Avenue home was found in Lowther’s room after his arrest. An iPhone, also stolen from Dukes’ Avenue, was found in a car involved in the chase, according to detective testimony.

Detectives said Rowser called an acquaintance at Mobile Metro Jail after Rowser’s arrest and told him to get a gun. Police found five guns along with an acquaintance. Detectives testified that one of the guns they found was a .45 caliber Glock handgun with a Glock switch, a small part that converts the semi-automatic into a fully automatic.

When Rowser was arrested, detectives testified that he had a magazine with a .45 caliber cartridge.

A mobile police detective testified that he had numerous surveillance videos and eyewitnesses for each of these crimes, but admitted that his face was not clearly visible in the shooting at the paparazzi nightclub. Witnesses to the shooting and robbery at a paparazzi nightclub also said they were unable to identify Lawther.

After hearing hours of testimony, the judge spent nearly an hour reviewing all the evidence himself. Ultimately, before stating his concern that the defendants should not be released due to the nature and seriousness of these crimes, he refused bail on the robbery charges.

The judge posted a bond totaling $279,000 against the other claims. He also held the case to a grand jury.

Mobile County District Attorney Keith Blackwood said: “That’s why we applied for this Aniah’s. [Law] Owned. It was a very long hearing and we are pleased that he allowed detention in the robbery case and know that he gave the very high binding that he has done in all other cases.

“I don’t want the court to go on the run without making the case binding under Ania’s Law,” said Mike Cowie, the defendant’s attorney. “This is a robbery case. A bond is being set daily in the first case of burglary in this building.

Rowser is also accused of the September murders in D’Iberville, Mississippi. Dirks, 18, is also accused of this murder. As previously mentioned, Derks is also a suspect in the Walmart shooting on Interstate 65.

It’s unclear when Rowser will appear in Mississippi and face murder charges.

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