BMW won’t use Google apps when it transitions to Android Automotive next year

Car companies won’t let Google take over their infotainment systems

BMW’s reluctance to join Google’s ecosystem ended in 2020, when it finally added Android Auto support to some vehicles after years of relying on Apple’s CarPlay. bottom. Support for wireless connectivity has also been added, making BMW one of the few car companies that allows drivers to use their Google dashboard without plugging in. Android was designed from the ground up to power cars. At CES 2023, BMW announced details of plans to integrate the platform into its infotainment system.


According to Digital Trends, BMW will bring Android Automotive to future vehicles with the OS 9 update in 2024. The platform is the company’s first step towards an all-Android-based infotainment system and a significant departure from its longtime reliance on Linux, which has served as the foundation for the iDrive experience. BMW plans to take a more open source approach when OS 9 is released next year.

This means the company has no intention of using Google Automotive Services (or GAS) (think Google apps for cars) for its Android-based infotainment system. Instead, we welcome third-party apps. This is only possible in Automotive.

For end-users, this means they will no longer be able to access the Google Play Store on their car display. Rather than relying on Google for the implementation of the system, BMW uses third-party app stores such as his Aptoid for its platform, effectively preventing the search giant from hijacking the dashboard. If you want to stick with Google’s own app marketplace, there are likely other car brands that rely on Google Automotive Services down your alley, such as Ford, GM, and Volvo.

Despite being the last automaker to support Android Auto, BMW is one of the early wave of automakers to support Automotive. That said, the company’s existing car models that ship with iDrive 8 will stick to Linux. In the future, these vehicles will be updated to iDrive 8.5 to provide the full-featured Android experience available at Automotive.

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