BMW iDrive 9 OS coming soon; To run on Android

BMW will also introduce iDrive 9 in certain MINI models in the future.

BMW unveiled its next-generation infotainment system iDrive 9 for the first time at CES 2023.

The new OS runs Android, and the new X1 is reportedly moving to the new operating system in the coming months. However, the next-generation BMW X2 will be the first model to get ‘iDrive 9’ from the factory.

That being said, not all models in the BMW lineup can get the iDrive 9 OS. Such models will be upgraded to the revamped iDrive 8.5 for the time being. Models like the latest generation 7-series and the upcoming 5-series get the IDrive 8.5 OS as they run on Linux-based systems that are coded significantly differently.

However, according to BMW, the features of both operating systems are similar, with the only downside being that cars running on iDrive 8.5 will not get the Android App Store planned for the iDrive 9 OS. The revamped iDrive 8.5 will first debut in the upcoming 5 Series and its all-electric i5 sedan before being introduced in the 7 Series later this year. Another model that will reportedly receive a full Android-based OS is the 2 Series Tourer.

BMW will also introduce iDrive 9 in certain MINI models in the future. However, it comes with a slightly different visual interface to distinguish it from the BMW. According to reports, the iDrive 9 OS will be content-driven, supporting 3D navigation and flexible touch layouts.

Source: BMW Blog

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