BLUETTI’s users always get more than power for their off-grid lives

BLUETTI’s “Share Your Story” campaign is in full swing. Starts December 15, 2022 and ends January 15, 2023. All participants have a chance to win FREE SOLAR GENERATORS, SOLAR PANELS, OUTDOOR GARMENTS, COUPONS, and BLUETTI Bucks. Exchange for previous coupons.


“We look forward to hearing from our users and wanting to see how our products can make a difference in their lives. Users inside can inspire each other and unlock more scenarios,” James Ray explained the motivation for this online activity.

All users can participate in short Youtube videos that share special moments with BLUETTI products. There are only 2 steps to participate. First, create a short video about your experiences with BLUETTI products and post it on YouTube with #BLUETTIstory in the title. Then send the video link to his website on BULUETTI. Then wait for the winner announcement email and collect your reward.

Whether it’s a clip from a camping trip, a wilderness expedition, a garden party, or just some fun family time during a power outage, if you have a story related to BLUETTI’s power backup, win a free solar generator, curated gifts I have a chance. , coupons, etc.

Prize List: US$100 Cash, EB3A, PV120, EB55, BLUETTI T-shirt, BLUETTI Hoodie, BLUETTI Mini Fridge, BLUETTI Cap, US$50 Coupon, 3000 BLUETTI Bucks.

For more information on the competition, please click

There is no limit to the number of prizes available, so all great entries have the potential to be the next EB3A winner.

Bucks for BLUETTI Lifestyle Products

BLUETTI recently added a BLUETTI Lifestyle section to the homepage of its website as a way to better connect with users and show appreciation for their support and likes.

BLUETTI Buck will be credited to the user’s account after spending $1 at BLUETTI official stores or other third party platforms. Nothing lasts forever. Same with BLUETTI Bucks. Expires 12 months after the date earned. Buyers typically use Bucks to redeem coupons and gift his cards, then offset their next order. However, for those who had no demand during the validity period, we find the bucks wasted. To compensate for this, BLUETTI Bucks is now redeemable for many convenient his BLUETTI lifestyle products, including but not limited to:

outdoor gear

BLUETTI Mini Fridge $4,999: Cools or heats six 4-liter, 12-ounce cans, with adjustable shelves for individual storage. There are two charging methods: a home outlet and a car.

BLUETTI Tableware Set $4999: Includes cooking pot, pan, teapot, spoon, knife, fork, lock, and two cups. Made of hard alumina, sturdy and lightweight, a must-have for outdoor activities.

BLUETTI Handy Vacuum 5,499 yen: Bottle-shaped, easy to carry, and has strong suction power. Sucks up crumbs and pet hair in hard-to-reach areas between cushions, or dirt under car seats.

BLUETTI CAMP LANTERN $1999: Rechargeable, portable, waterproof, and can be hung with a carabiner. There are 3 brightness modes: daylight, warm light and SOS flash.

BLUETTI PHONE TRIPOD $2499: Scalable, aluminum alloy, portable all-in-one design, Bluetooth remote control. Freely rotate to use horizontal or vertical camera mode on your Android or iOS phone.

BLUETTI POWER STRIP $1999: 3 grounded outlets and 3 USB ports, multiple safety features for charging multiple devices.

BLUETTI MULTIMETER $1999: Safe and accurate for professional electrical testing and home use.

BLUETTI brand apparel and useful goods.

The BLUETTI hoodie is $3999, the t-shirt is $1499, and the cap is $699, the same amount for stickers and keychains.Learn more at

BLUETTI always takes users seriously and strives to improve user experience by providing premium products and thoughtful service.

About Brutty

With over 10 years of industry experience, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future through eco-friendly energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. BLUETTI has a presence in over 70 countries and is trusted by millions of customers worldwide. For more information, visit BLUETTI online (

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