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Bangkok, Thailand March 2, 2023 ( – BLAH Hotel Finder – Put power back in the right hands

BLAH, an incredible new way to book hotels around the world, has just launched a new booking platform online, empowering consumers to say what’s important about the hotel they want to stay at. to return to consumers. Then let the hotels compete for your stay.

Over the past decade, the hotel booking industry has been dominated by a few large companies. These companies failed to innovate and didn’t understand what was important to their customers and the hotels they represented. Instead, people looking to book a hotel were forced to choose a hotel on price alone, leaving the hotel to lose a significant portion of its revenue and lose control over pricing and inventory.

Consumers and hotel owners want a platform that puts power back into their hands, and BLAH is here.

So how does BLAH work?’s hotel booking platform makes it easy for consumers to specify where in the world they want to stay, when to travel, and more.

And you will be asked for specific preferences that traditional booking platforms have always neglected. Do they want free parking? Airport pick-up? Free breakfast or early check-in? Late checkout and club lounge access?

Once the customer has shared their preferences, the consumer is presented with a list of hotels that offer those services and match the initial criteria, and the consumer can choose all the hotels they would be happy to stay at.

But it gets even better. Hotels can now offer unique products and amenities based on region. The hotel can reward you with bonus Rewards points and something as great as having breakfast with orangutans at the Bali Zoo! , your child will be safe next to your room. In other words, based on what’s important to you, booking one hotel over another may give you a variety of additional benefits.

Each offer is individually and uniquely created by the hotel for you, so you know you’re getting the best total value offer for your selected location and date range. The days of booking purely on price are over. We now choose hotels based on total price, giving us more control.

All you have to do is press ‘Book Now’ and you’ll be instantly directed to the hotel of your choice, ready to offer.

Advantages of BLAH

BLAH puts the power of hotel bookings back into the hands of the consumers who need it most, and the hotels themselves.

Consumers can now say what really matters to them. There are no service charges or hidden costs. No need to log into multiple platforms to get the best deals. You don’t have to deal with middlemen who clip tickets along the way. Just visit our wide range of hotels where you want to stay and we’ll be happy to present you with special offers based on what matters most to you.

BLAH also solves the price parity problem for hotels who are tired of having their prices vary wildly across multiple platforms. Hotels continue to control pricing and no longer pass the majority of revenue from each booking to intermediaries. Best of all, your guest information is stored with you and is never stored or managed by an intermediary booking platform. can reward

So why should you choose BLAH?

If you’re a consumer, do you like the ability to say what’s important to you? Do you want to interact directly with hotels and access special offers and guest-only packages?

And if you’re a hotel, do you want to cut out middlemen, control pricing, and keep more of the revenue you make? Will it just compete with platforms that are building awareness and selling rooms at far cheaper rates?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, BLAH is your new DCA booking platform.

Ready to learn more?

Whether you’re an immediate traveler or a hotel owner looking to move with the times, BLAH is the future of online hotel bookings.

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