Bitgert Exchange Android Version Rolls Out On Playstore And Will Go LIVE Soon

The Bitgert exchange is arguably one of the most discussed and popular crypto projects on the market this month. Since the web version of the centralized exchange launched last month, its adoption has grown rapidly.

According to the latest information released by the Bitgert team, the exchange had over 100,000 users in its first 30 days, and over 130,000 transactions were registered during the same period. This is huge growth for a new exchange and shows the huge potential this his CEX has when it becomes more accessible in the coming weeks.

The Bitgert team has announced that the Android version of its highly anticipated zero trading fee exchange is already complete and rolling out on the Playstore. This is big news for the cryptocurrency community, and even more so for traders requesting this version.

Meaning of Bitgert Exchange Android version

The release of the Android version, which may appear in the next few days, means a lot for traders. This version is available on all Android devices, including smartphones, making it easier to use, unlike the web version.

This means that adoption of the Bitgert exchange will increase rapidly. Once this version is officially released, the number of users and trades on this exchange will grow exponentially. Therefore, we will see a significant increase in activity on this exchange in the coming weeks.

Amid all these developments, the value of the Bitgert coin is expected to increase as a result of this version. An increase in the number of transactions on exchanges increases the demand for $BRISE and this is how the value of this coin rises rapidly.

Therefore, cryptocurrency investors can expect significant profits from developments around exchanges. Already in the news we have seen that the price of $BRISE showed a bigger gain today.

Bitgert Exchange Android version release date

No release date has been announced, but a rollout on the Playstore means development is already complete. In fact, the Bitgert team says they are waiting for the approval of this Android app by the Playstore team.

Therefore, the release date could be announced next week or later this weekend. So it’s only a matter of time before the exchange becomes available on Android devices. Please continue to check the Bitgert exchange social media platform for the latest updates.

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