Bill Gates confirms that he sitll doesn’t use an iPhone

Bill Gates has said many times that he prefers Android over the iPhone, and that doesn’t seem to change. In a recent Reddit “Ask Me Anything,” the Microsoft co-founder revealed that, understandably, he hasn’t switched to an iPhone, nor is he using an iPad, Mac, or Microsoft Surface Duo. bottom.

Instead, Gates confirmed that he’s using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, which he received directly from Samsung chairman JY Lee. Last year, Gates said he had a Galaxy Z Fold3 and apparently traveled to South Korea just to meet JY Lee and pick up his new phone.

Gates also said the Galaxy Z Fold4’s foldable screen size means there’s no need to use a tablet. Instead, he relies on his Android-powered smartphone and his unnamed Windows-powered “portable PC.”

I have a Samsung Fold 4. The Samsung chairman gave it to me when I saw JY Lee update his Fold 3 in Korea. Of course, I use Outlook and a lot of Microsoft software. The screen size means I don’t use a tablet, just a mobile phone and a portable PC (Windows machine).

Gates doesn’t elaborate on why he prefers Android over iPhone. However, in a 2021 interview, Gates said it comes down to Android makers being “more flexible” when it comes to software integration. What this meant, as he later elaborated, was that “some of his Android makers pre-installed his Microsoft software in a way that was easy for me.”

This reasoning is a bit strange, considering how easy it is to download Microsoft apps from the iPhone’s App Store. Gates also says he keeps his iPhone by his side to try things out, but it’s not the device he uses full-time.

9to5Mac’s take

it doesn’t TRUE Problems with smartphone operating systems liked by Bill Gates. Neither Apple nor Google need Bill Gates’ approval to succeed. Nevertheless, people always seem interested in what Gates uses, and often like to make fun of his reasoning.

If Apple makes a foldable iPhone, it might get Bill Gates on his side.

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