Bill Gates Confirms He’s Still Team Android, Not iPhone

  • Bill Gates said on Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” that he uses the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4.
  • He said Samsung’s chairman called him when he went to South Korea to update the Fold 3.
  • Gates has previously said he uses Android to “keep track of everything.”

Bill Gates confirmed in his 11th Ask Me Anything on Reddit that he’s using Team Android instead of an iPhone.

Reddit user 1oarecare asked the Microsoft co-founder what his “everyday driver’s smartphone” is.

“I have a Samsung Fold 4 that Samsung Chairman JY Lee gave me when I met him in South Korea to update my Fold 3,” Gates replied.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 is a foldable smartphone that isn’t cheap. The US retail price is around $1,600, which is higher than the starting prices of Apple’s iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

best buy

Gates said he uses “Outlook and a lot of Microsoft software” on his phone, never a tablet because of its screen size, and “just a phone and a portable PC – a Windows machine.” said there is.

According to StatCounter, Android has about 72% of the market share of mobile operating systems worldwide. Apple is in second place with almost 27% of the market share.

In a 2021 Clubhouse interview, Gates said he uses Android to “keep track of everything.”

He said he “plays on the iPhone a lot”, but he’s used to it and relies on Android.

“Some Android makers pre-install Microsoft software in a way that’s easy for me.

Asked the same question about his phone on Reddit, Gates was asked if he knew about Microsoft’s upcoming products and if he had any insight into new products.

“Microsoft has me involved in some of the research and product planning,” Gates said, and enjoys working with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, but the company’s hardware He added that he did not have the latest information on the roadmap.

Gates, who stepped down as Microsoft’s CEO in 2000, said his “biggest mistake” was letting Google develop Android.

“The biggest mistake of all time is the mismanagement I was involved in that made Microsoft not what Android was. [meaning] Android is the standard non-Apple phone forms platform,” Gates said at an event hosted by venture capital firm Village Global in 2019. “It was only natural that Microsoft would win.”

Microsoft launched its own Windows phone, but discontinued it in 2017 after failing to make as much of an impact on the smartphone market as Android and the iPhone.

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