Beyoncé’s music to soundtrack workouts in Apple Fitness+ program – Deltaplex News

beyoncemusic may already be in rotation during workouts for loyal Beyhive supporters, but now Apple Fitness+ is gaining popularity. It will be written. The songs from her discography will be the soundtracks for seven different workouts, all of which will be available on her January 9th on the fitness app.

Workouts range from biking and dancing to treadmills and yoga, and yes, songs from Bey’s latest album, Renaissance.

Anyone who purchases a new iPhone, AppleWatch, iPad, or AppleTV and has not previously subscribed to the app gets three months of free access to AppleFitness+. For new subscribers who already own the aforementioned products, that access will be reduced to 1 month for her.

Up to 5 family members can share the app.

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