Best Gaming Subscription Services

There are so many different ways to access your favorite games these days thanks to all the different options, but we feel these are the best game subscription services money can get. , its lack, depending on what you choose.

Since there are several options, we’ve pulled together the best gaming services and compiled them into this list. If you love games, these are the best options. And while we probably have our favorites, we all have something great to offer. So personally I can say that whichever you choose, there is something for you.

That said, if you give it a try, you may not think it’s the right service for you. Fortunately, if that’s the case, there are other good options out there.

best game subscription service

Monthly cost In-service cost (per item)
EA play $4.99/$14.99 none
Ubisoft+ $14.99/$17.99 none
playstation plus $9.99/$14.99/$17.99 none
xbox game pass $9.99/$14.99 none
Amazon Luna Starting at $5.99 none
NVIDIA GeForce NOW Free/$9.99/$19.99 none
prime gaming $14.99 none

EA play

EA play

  • Price: $4.99/$14.99
  • Sign up: EA Play

Starting on this list of the best gaming services is EA Play. This comes in his two different flavors, EA Play and EA Play Pro.

The former is clearly the cheaper option, and it’s probably number one Choose from several options based on what you are looking to get out of the service. However, it has less functionality. So that’s what people want to consider.

That $5/month gets you a 10-hour trial of upcoming games and unlimited access to your collection of games in the Vault.

What you don’t get is unlimited access to the latest games found only on the Pro plan. This is a good option if you want a title for

We’re also removing the 10-hour trial version of the upcoming game, giving you access to the full game with no time limit. Which one is right for you depends on whether you really like EA’s games and whether you care if they’re completely up-to-date titles.

It’s also worth noting that EA Play comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So if you subscribe to it, you don’t even have to pay for EA Play.

Overall EA Play is one of the best game subscription services out there, but definitely better if you love EA games.


Amazon Luna Ubisoft

This is exactly the same as EA Play, but think of Ubisoft titles. Of course, there are some differences that make this potentially a better service from a value standpoint.

This service offers two tiers. PC Access and Multi-Access. With PC Access, Ubisoft+ is only available on PC. However, if you choose a multi-access plan, the service is also available through Amazon Luna. This means you can not only play locally on your PC, but also play your games in the cloud. Quite a benefit if you really like Ubisoft games. Additionally, many Ubisoft titles support cross-progression. This means that when you play with Luna, your progress will carry over when you play the game locally on your PC.

Ubisoft also currently has a deal where you can get either tier for $1/month for the first month. Hopefully, Ubisoft+ will come to consoles one day. However, it is currently limited to use with Amazon Luna on a PC or Luna compatible device.

playstation plus

New PlayStation Plus plan

PlayStation Plus is not only one of the best gaming subscription services out there, it’s almost an absolute must if you want to get the most out of your PS5 or PS4 console.

First, if you want online multiplayer access, you’ll need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus. Unless otherwise specified by the game itself. As an example, Final Fantasy XIV does not require PlayStation Plus. However, it has its own subscription associated with it.

Not only does it give you multiplayer access to most games, but it also gives you special discounts on games (including those already on sale) that are not available to non-members. On top of that, when Sony makes his three picks available, he can claim three free games a month.

All of these come with Sony’s new base plan called PlayStation Plus Essential. However, if you step up to the Extra plan, you’ll get all the previous ones, plus Ubisoft + Classics (these are a curated list of his Ubisoft games, not what you actually get with his Ubisoft + subscription ) can be obtained. Access to the game catalog. The latter additional advantage is a big advantage here. Sony continues to add games to this list. Including part of PS5.

Finally, there’s the premium tier that adds things like the classic catalog and game streaming. That’s why PlayStation Plus has so much to choose from, with three plans to choose from. But all are great options. it depends on what you want.

xbox game pass

xbox game pass ultimate

I personally prefer PS5 to Xbox Series X, but Xbox Game Pass is definitely the best value at the moment. I love my playstation plus. But there’s no denying that Game Pass is worth more. Microsoft adds new games to its catalog every month, and like the PS Plus, some of these will rotate.

This helps keep things fresh. What PS Plus doesn’t have are Day 1 titles. Sony may change this eventually, but currently PS Plus doesn’t allow access to launch games. So when Starfield is released, you should be able to play it on Game Pass.

You can also play games in the cloud if you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Have Play on console. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud games can be played on PCs, consoles, Android devices, and cloud-only handhelds such as the Logitech G Cloud. So you have more screens to play games on.

It’s worth noting that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also gives you access to Xbox Gold. All this for a great subscription service. Even if you already have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna Controller 1

Amazon Luna is another big name in the cloud gaming space and a great option if you like the convenience of gaming in the cloud. You may not want to spend your money on a console or gaming PC, but enjoy some games once in a while. Luna is a great fit for players in this category as it has a relatively low barrier to entry in terms of cost and new titles are added every month.

It’s worth noting that Luna is split by channel. Some games are available on one channel, others on another. Similar to TV shows and their respective networks.

This is important as Ubisoft+ is available in Luna. But it’s also a completely independent channel, and you’ll have to pay if you want to access it.

Luna is available on PC, Android, compatible Fire TV devices, and Samsung TVs using the Samsung Gaming Hub app. That means it’s pretty broadly available no matter what screen you want to play on.


GeForce NOW Platform

Personally, I think GeForce NOW is the best option for cloud gaming. That’s if you just want a cloud game with decent performance and quality features.Unlike Game Pass or Luna, you have to own the games you want to play in the cloud. However, setting up a Steam or Epic Games account makes it easy.

There are also GOG games available on the service, like Cyberpunk 2077. The reason I think this is the best option for cloud gaming is that you get the best quality here. Yes, it’s the most expensive month. But you get what you pay for. For $20/month (on the Ultimate plan), get access to NVIDIA RTX 4080 SuperPods for the best quality and performance for game streaming.

This includes NVIDIA Reflex, ultrawide monitor support, performance based on the RTX 4080 GPU, and up to 240 frames per second. To take advantage of these features, you must play on PC using the PC app. But GeForce NOW is also accessible on Android devices, so you can play on the go, on Chromebooks, Macs, and more. This is one of the best game subscription services across the board.

prime gaming

Prime Gaming SNK

Prime Gaming is a great gaming subscription service for any gamer. And the best part is Prime Gaming is part of Amazon Prime. So you don’t have to pay separately for the Prime Gaming subscription itself. If you’re already on Prime and playing games, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not subscribing, as Prime Gaming is free.

This gives you access to free games every month and gives you free in-game loot for different games. Amazon puts things in and out of both games and in-game loot. We recommend checking weekly or biweekly. That way you will always know if what you want is there. Prime Gaming is one of the best gaming subscription services because it’s not just about games. Since it is part of Prime, it comes with many other things.

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