Behavior Startup worxogo Partners with Genpact on Nudge Coach to Drive Operational Efficiencies for Global Teams

worxogo’s Behavioral Science-Driven Performance Applications Empower Employees and Improve Clients’ Ability to Increase Business Impact

Bangalore, Karnataka March 8, 2023 ( – Action startup worxogo today announced a strategic partnership with Genpact (NYSE: G), a global professional services company focused on delivering business-transforming outcomes. It aims to use behavioral science as an engaging element to build highly engaged, motivated, and productive customer experiences. and contact center teams.

Against the backdrop of an increasingly complex global marketplace of hybrid workspaces and evolving talent priorities, worxogo and Genpact have created a bespoke approach to increasing employee engagement to deliver more favorable outcomes for clients and end customers. developed a solution for Cora Nudge Coach, powered by worxogo, is an application that leverages AI to better understand how employees are motivated and where their underlying gaps are.

Based on tuned algorithms and behavioral science, the solution uses motivational “nudges” to connect with teams and performance metrics such as improved Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction (C-SAT) results promote the improvement of Productivity index.

To date, Cora Nudge Coach has been deployed to provide custom KPIs and motivational tips to employees of the world’s largest organizations in banking, insurance, healthcare, travel, tech, logistics and pharmaceutical industries. Reinforcement of positive behaviors from cola nudge coaches has been shown to have a cascading effect of increasing and maintaining productivity and client engagement.

“Genpact’s proven leadership in digital transformation of the workplace creates a natural synergy with worxogo and its employees, Nudge Coach. “We believe this partnership will help us continuously improve our clients’ productivity and help global companies in their striving for better customer service in a customized and measurable way.” I have.”

Sachin Pai, Global Customer Support Practice Leader at Genpact, said: “Leveraging Cora Nudge Coach, powered by worxogo, helps employees improve their daily professional skill sets, improve performance, improve client experience, and nudge games as a nudge to better connect with customers. It represents the next evolution of AI-powered opportunities to deploy mification.”

About worxogo:

Founded in 2015, worxogo Nudge Coach builds high performing sales, customer support and BPO teams. The worxogo Nudge Coach was developed based on research initiated at Stanford University using cutting-edge behavioral design and AI. It’s the only enterprise product that offers behavior-driven, personalized coaching at scale. worxogo partners with some of the world’s largest companies in banking, insurance, healthcare, travel, high tech, logistics, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

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