Bay Area tech, biotech layoffs swell by several hundred more jobs

A number of tech and biotech companies have revealed plans to cut hundreds more Bay Area jobs.

A decision coordinated by seven companies in the technology, advanced manufacturing, or biotechnology sectors resulted in an estimated 675 Bay Area jobs, according to the news agency’s review of official notices received by the State Department of Employment Development. Jobs are lost.

Jabil; Verily Life Sciences is a moonshot company launched by Google owner Alphabet. flexport; stitch fix; scale AI. Alice Composites; and Janssen Pharmaceuticals are among the latest companies to reveal plans to cut jobs, according to the EDD WARN notice.

Additionally, according to the EDD WARN notice, another group of Flagship Facilities Services employees, who are not technical staff, have lost their jobs in Menlo Park as a result of relaxed requirements by Facebook app owner Meta Platforms. rice field.

Here are the details of the latest disclosures about Bay Area layoffs by tech or biotech companies.

  • Contract electronics manufacturer Jabil has decided to cut 205 jobs in Alameda County. This includes his 166 job cuts at Fremont and his 39 job cuts at Livermore. The layoff he is scheduled to take place on March 7th. “We do not expect these employees to return to work in the near future,” said Alicia Marjon, Jabil’s human resources manager, in her WARN notice. These Jabil job cuts are expected to be permanent.
  • Verily Life Sciences has decided to lay off 119 jobs at its South San Francisco headquarters. The company is a moonshot of Life His Science launched by Google owner Alphabet. “In connection with company-wide job cuts, the separation of employment of affected employees from the company is expected to be permanent and without any rights of conflict,” said Kelly, Verily’s chief people officer. • Peraino stated in the WARN letter. Verily’s layoffs are set to take effect on March 12th.
  • Supply chain software startup Flexport is cutting 120 jobs in San Francisco. The official EDD website describes the layoffs as “permanent.”
  • Stitch Fix, an online apparel and personal styling service, has decided to permanently cut 97 jobs in San Francisco. The workforce reductions are expected to take effect on March 6.
  • Artificial intelligence company Scale AI is cutting 68 jobs in San Francisco, saying the cuts are permanent. The layoffs he will begin in late December and are expected to be completed by March 31st.
  • Arris Composites is cutting 65 jobs in Berkeley. Arris uses advanced technology to help create cutting-edge products and materials for a wide range of applications. The cuts are permanent and last year he took effect on November 7th. But they didn’t post him until January 10th of this year.
  • Janssen Pharmaceuticals is cutting one job at Vacaville. The dismissal is scheduled to take effect on March 10.

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