Award Winning short film Tombstone Pillow shot in the Historical Manila North Cemetery is now on Amazon Prime

Manila, Luzon January 10, 2023 ( – Since its release in 2019, it has won 38 awards at various film festivals around the world, including one at the Florence Film Festival in Tuscany in 2021 and Alola in 2022. The Tombstone Pillow, which won the first edition of the festival, is now available on Amazon Prime. : Tap the link to Amazon Watch Tombstone Pillow | Prime Video

“The story of the short film Tombstone Pillow tells the story of a nine-year-old girl who guides the richest widow in the Philippines to the cemetery that thousands of poor people call home.”

Dream Team Managers: Bayou Bennett, Daniel Lill

Cinematography: Maiko David

Sheet Music Haggai Mizrahi

Top Cast: Lourdes Duque Baron, Kendra de Mesa, Ian Taylor Ignacio, Blake Salcedo, Cedric Escobar, Yesmeni

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