AT&T will give you 6 months of GeForce NOW Ultimate for free

NVIDIA today announced the Ultimate plan for its GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. AT&T customers get him six months free. Of course there are pitfalls, but they are to be expected. Luckily, this deal is available to both existing and new customers. So you don’t have to switch from another carrier to qualify.

The GeForce NOW Ultimate plans are the next step in NVIDIA’s commitment to cloud gaming. It offers performance based on the RTX 4080 GPU with DLSS 3 and NVIDIA Reflex support. It also now supports refresh rates up to 240Hz and ultrawide monitors if you’re playing on PC. Basically, much better than last week. The Ultimate plan typically costs $99 for a 6-month membership. So if you love playing games, getting the first 6 months free is a pretty good deal. Here is what you need to qualify.

GeForce NOW Ultimate Free for 6 Months for AT&T Wireless and Internet Customers

Until today, Priority Membership was available for free for 6 months, but it was only available to wireless users. AT&T is now extending the contract to people using AT&T’s home internet. The new deal also strengthens the package. Last year’s deal was a mid-tier offer. This includes performance based on the GTX 1080 GPU.

To obtain this contract, you must have an AT&T 5G wireless plan and have a qualifying 5G device and a qualifying unlimited 5G rate plan. This includes both traditional and current plans. Another option is to use one of AT&T’s fiber plans with speeds of 300Mbps or higher. Here’s the need to new Customers of AT&T Fiber. Existing fiber plans are not eligible.

AT&T says this is subject to change, but you should be a new Fiber customer for the time being. AT&T He will start this deal from January 19th.

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