ATO Platform Chosen for Newchip’s Seed-Stage Global Accelerator Program

ATO platform is one of the top applicants selected for Newchip’s dedicated accelerator

New York City, NY January 9, 2023 ( – Miami, Florida, January 9, 2023. The ATO platform is the only company to digitally protect the physical arts of fine art artists with a turnkey solution to collect royalties and monitor counterfeiting and copyright abuse, and is owned by NewChip Accepted into the prestigious Global Accelerator Program. Designed to give founders all the skills and tools they need to fund, build, and scale their company quickly, past accelerators his cohort averaged It was more than 17.5 times his forehead. Equity-free and fully digital, the accelerator has helped over 2,500 founders from over 50 countries and 250 cities, raised over $2.2 billion, and has a portfolio of 90 estimated to exceed $1 billion.

Newchip’s Head of Product Brian Lee said: “This careful vetting process for both business models and founders has allowed us to attract venture capital investors and others in seed-stage startup funding looking for promising startups that are beginning to generate traction and revenue. It will be an ideal partner for key stakeholders.Web3 and machine learning companies like ATO Platform can scale quickly with the right funding and guidance.We are excited about ATO Platform. We believe the ATO platform is well-positioned to take advantage of Newchip’s rapidly expanding global ecosystem.”

Launched in July 2017, the ATO platform’s mission is to achieve true equality by providing artists and collectors with valuable insights, while at the same time creating new revenue streams for all visual artists (loyalty to secondary market sales). to promote the collection of Since its launch, the company has worked with his Prysm Group to develop a give-and-take economic model, offering collectors unparalleled value for understanding market demand and the price of the artwork they purchase. We secure advisors and investors from Microsoft, MIT and leading art world professionals deep in the art world trenches. We have completed building our own smart contracts that track not only art resale data, but all metrics about our work that help prevent counterfeit markets and complex copyright abuse. The ATO platform “secures a US trademark, has raised over $1 million (USD) in funding since inception, and has previously invested in Polkadot, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and NYU Stern with significant art industry, finance, AI, and and blockchain experts.Let me tell you about this impressive roster of leaders, including business schools, Harvard University, the Kellogg School of Management, etc. There are over 600 works registered on the ATO platform, with 100 Nearly 100 artists are registered, and the number continues to grow.

“As part of the Newchip Accelerator, we look forward to reshaping how the art industry views artists across the life cycle of artwork. Artists should benefit financially in the future value of their work, because it depends on the and new jobs for marketing, sales and engineers to advance these valuable tools for artists and collectors.

About the ATO Platform

The ATO Platform is a SaaS that facilitates artist royalty payments, tracks the value of artwork, and prevents the emergence of counterfeit goods across physical and virtual art markets, led by an expert team of technologists and art world leaders. . ATO empowers participants in the art ecosystem to track their work and information while strengthening their connections. The ATO generates revenue from the sale of artwork registrations and retains commissions from royalties collected on behalf of artists. Proprietary machine learning tools monitor complex copyright abuse and potential future sales. For more information, please visit

About New Chip

Newchip is an online global startup accelerator led by a world-class team of entrepreneurs and investors. Designed to give founders the tools they need to fundraise, build, and scale quickly. Since its launch in 2019, the equity-free remote accelerator has enabled his over 2,500 startups in over 50 countries to raise over $2.2 billion in an estimated $9 billion portfolio. . There is a six-month accelerator program based on his three company stages: Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A. A vast network of global investors, strategic partners, and mentors guide companies from team building and prototype development to securing high-profile VCs. Investments, corporate partnerships and everything in between. For more information, please visit

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