Athlete-Led Web3 Sports Platforms : lootmogul

LootMogul is a new sports metaverse platform aimed at providing unique experiences for sports fans and influencers. Virtual real estate, training academies, blockchain games and metahis shops for brands and athletes power the platform. These virtual properties come with real-world utilities and earning potential, making them a great investment opportunity for both individuals and businesses.

LootMogul is designed for that sports ambassador, and as an influencer you can create a meta-merchandise shop, entertainment island, training academy, or gaming contest. This platform will bring web2 businesses and fans into the world of web3.

In addition to the Metaverse platform, LootMogul also provides a platform to buy and trade limited edition NFTs of your favorite influencers from various sports leagues such as NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL, ICC, MMA. increase. These NFTs give you access to the best real-world events and VIP gaming contests.

Another exciting feature of the platform is the ability to play games with your favorite athletes and teams. This includes trivia games and basketball dunk competitions with friends, family or fan clubs. You can win cash, tokens or NFTs by participating in these games. The platform has additional games in the pipeline through its in-house development studios and partner network, Metaverse Land and Meta Shop.

LootMogul is an innovative platform that offers a unique mix of virtual properties, games and NFTs, all with real-world earning potential. This is a great opportunity for sports fans and influencers to get involved and build their brand in the Web 3 world.

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