Art Transparency Companies Authentify Art And ID4Arts To Merge

Longtime art technology partners Authentify Art and ID4Arts announce decision to merge.

February 15, 2023 San Marcos, Calif. ( – According to Authentify CEO Curtis McConnell and ID4ARTS co-founder Anne Halliwell, California-based art technology company Authentify Art and New York-based maker of art identification tags ID4ARTS have entered into a merger. We have completed the discussion. While specific terms of the merger were not disclosed, ID4ARTS founders Anne and Steven Halliwell will join her Authenticate Art team along with her patent-pending RFID technology.

“Creating a more transparent and efficient art market would encourage broader collector engagement and increase confidence in the integrity of the market,” said McConnell. We believe the global art market is ready for the kind of expansion Carfax brought to the automotive industry and Zillow to the real estate industry. ID4ARTS’ tagging system allows artwork to be given a unique and immutable serial number while respecting the physical condition of the artwork and the privacy of the collector. It is only natural to formally enter into a partnership and integrate the companies. ”

“Authentify Art is, in our experience, the most comprehensive solution to the art market’s needs for secure data, powerful and user-friendly visualization of work, and robust market growth. Working with Authentify Art , we are pleased to securely link your physical works to the wide range of digital solutions that Authentify Art offers online.

After years of investing in research and development, Authentify Art has an early market release of its first commercial product. It is a comprehensive online and offline solution that securely connects each physical work of art to a digital document that describes its function, specifications, ownership history and provenance. , status reports, etc., may be shared or transferred at the owner’s discretion. You can also trigger rich mobile storytelling experiences for your viewers simply by hovering their smartphones over matching object labels.

Further product announcements from both companies across various categories are underway.


About ID4Arts

ID4ARTS provides tamper-proof, non-invasive, battery-free identifiers for works on canvas, paper, and a variety of other materials. Using UHF (ultra high frequency) radio frequency, ID4ARTS Identifiers instantly report the identification number, location and time/date stamp of your work from up to 25 feet away. Unlike barcodes, UHF technology does not require line of sight, so the identifier can be discreetly hidden in the piece using proprietary restorer-approved adhesives. Tags are designed to self-destruct when tampered with, but can be safely restored by authorized parties.

Co-founder Anne Halliwell, along with partner Steve Halliwell, helped launch the Collector’s Fund in 2007. This is a Kansas City-based fund manager that invests in post-war and contemporary American art. TCF sponsored two of his funds that cycled their stakes to fund investors. She has previously brought hidden art from Russia during the post-Soviet era and has held shows at the Brooklyn Museum and a series of European and American venues. trained in psychology under Steve Halliwell is a former Citibank executive responsible for corporate finance in the former Soviet Union and his CEO/CFO of several Russian direct investment funds. Steve Halliwell is an alumnus of the Harriman Institute, the Center for Russian Postgraduate Studies in Columbia.

About certified art

Founded in 2020, AuthentifyArt has developed a suite of patented solutions for the art world, from digital fingerprinting to interactive gallery labels to online data collection and sharing systems.

Founder Curtis McConnell, a career in supply chain technology and his mentor, Professor Maurizio Seracini, one of the world’s leading art certifiers, brings together technology developed for science and art certification. doing. Previously, Proflowers Supply he led the development of the chain management system design, development and implementation, later he led the engineering team at 1-800-Flowers. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.

For more information, contact Michael Sattler at or contact ID4ARTS co-founder Steven Halliwell at

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