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Vijay Mohan

Chandigarh, 31st December

With the increasing use of satellite-based communication systems in the military, the Army is developing portable adapters that can convert traditional android phones into satellite phones.

“Our requirement is a programmable handheld adapter that can connect to any Android smartphone via micro USB or Bluetooth to convert it into a satellite phone,” the officer said.

The project will be outsourced to Indian industry through a competitive bidding process, sources said. The device must weigh less than 500 g, have a talk time of at least 2 hours, and a standby time of at least 10 hours.

Imported adapters for converting mobile phones to satellite phones are also available on the commercial market, but the Army focuses on domestic development. These adapters can also be used by the Air Force, Navy, and other services.

“Satellite phones are only available in limited numbers and through certain foreign-based service providers,” the official said. “On the one hand, everyone has a mobile phone that can connect to its own communications satellite network through a domestic adapter,” he added.

In many areas of the mountains and deserts where armed forces are deployed, cell phone coverage is not available because there are no cell phone towers nearby for connectivity, but satellite phones face no such limitations and are virtually It can be used from anywhere on earth.

The Army has satellite-based radio sets for communications, but these are primarily used to link units and formations together. Turning her cell phone into a satellite phone makes her one-to-one communication and data transfer between individuals or small groups on the move faster and more convenient.

The Army is also looking at ways to make satellite telephony more secure by developing anti-jamming and anti-spoofing circuits that can be integrated into handsets.

Earlier this year, the Army conducted Exercise Skylight, a pan-India exercise, to test the operational readiness of its satellite-based assets and the personnel stationed on them. All communication systems using satellites were activated and various functional procedures and technical parameters were verified.

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