Apple’s new patent reveals crack-resistant foldable display technology

Apple’s latest patent reveals a new foldable display designed to resist cracking.

The new patent has been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is numbered US-20230011092-A1, reports Gizmochina.

This could help ameliorate one of the key issues: the fragility of foldable devices.

Displays made with the new technology feature multiple layers such as flexible substrates, thin film transistor layers, and protective layers.

The protective layer is intended to prevent the flexible substrate, which is the most vulnerable part of the display, from cracking.

The iPhone maker has also patented a self-healing display.

The technology hopes to heal displays from minor scratches, another common problem with foldable devices.

Many experts consider a foldable iPhone unlikely, but there are rumors about the possibility of a foldable iPad.

This gives the tech giant a chance to test and improve its tech before introducing the foldable iPhone.

A foldable iPad poses less risk for the tech giant, the report says, as the iPad is a less important product in the company’s lineup than the iPhone.


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