Apple’s new HomePod sounds better than the original, offers ‘stunning sound’ in stereo pairs

Apple announced the HomePod (2nd generation) in mid-January. HomePod (2nd Gen) is a powerful smart speaker that delivers next-level acoustics in a gorgeous, iconic design. Packed with Apple innovations and Siri intelligence, HomePod offers advanced computational audio for groundbreaking listening experiences, including support for immersive spatial audio tracks.

HomePod (2nd Gen) features a gorgeous design with seamless, acoustically transparent mesh fabric and a backlit touch surface.

Forbes David Phelan:

You’ll get a wider, more open sound than the first one, which already sounded great. Somehow it sounds more natural.Some tracks suddenly reveal small elements you’ve never heard before. Often from surprising sources, such as some of Billy Joel’s tracks sounding the best you’ve ever heard.

HomePod’s sound is detailed, rich and subtle, and handles every bit of your music expertly. There seems to be more bass this time around, but the internal mic adjusts for this so it doesn’t drown out everything else.

Unlike the original HomePod, it’s now compatible with Spatial Audio. It’s an all-encompassing sound that works really well, offering a seamless and immersive effect.

But the stereo pairing of two HomePods takes the audio from great to amazing, and room-filling sound is downright amazing.

MacDailyNews takes: The original 1st generation HomePod was already great in a stereo pair, so kudos to Apple for improving on that high!

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