Apple’s AR headset behind schedule, might not get its own announcement event

Industry insider Ming-Chi Kuo said: Predictions that Apple may be experiencing certain hurdles in the development process for its long-rumored and highly anticipated AR/MR headset.

Ming-Chi Kuo believes this could delay both the announcement and release of the device, which was due to be unveiled at a dedicated event in January this year. may be announced. Until Apple’s usual spring event, or WWDC’23, the software-centric conference.

Apple seemingly has some problems “Drop test of mechanical parts and availability of software development tools”but hopefully these won’t lead to a major backlash for the AR headset itself. We expect it to happen by the end of the year or possibly by Q3 2023.

What do we know about the AR headsets that Apple has been developing over the years? Recent information has revealed that there may actually be two different platforms: iOS-based rOS (Reality Operating System) and macOS-based xrOS. This is reportedly done to allow the AR headset to offload some of its processing to a nearby paired iPhone.

However, in the future, future Apple AR headsets may perform well enough to not require the iPhone’s processing crutches, leading to a full transition to xrOS.

The headset reportedly employs about 15 cameras around it, tons of head-tracking sensors, spatial audio support, dual 8K OLED displays, and the latest Apple M2 chip.

Judging by the latest rumors, it looks like Apple is preparing to announce an AR headset soon, so we’ll have to listen. As we know more, so will you.

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