Apple Watch Detects Undiagnosed Heart Condition, Saves Woman’s Life: Report

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Last update: January 17, 2023 10:48 AM IST

A recent study found that the Apple Watch could help detect asymptomatic heart disease. (Image: Apple)

A woman named Elain Thompson credits her Apple Watch with detecting a heart condition after her ECG app detected an arrhythmia.

The Apple Watch has once again proven its ability to save lives. This time, you have detected undiagnosed heart disease in a woman named Elain Thompson.

After suffering a seizure in 2018, Thompson was advised by her daughter to wear a watch as part of her post-diagnosis treatment, according to AppleInsider. Little did I know it would reveal undetected heart disease.

Thompson’s Apple Watch reportedly indicated she had an irregular heart rhythm, prompting her to consult a cardiologist. A heart monitor was worn for one week.

Doctors eventually discovered her heart block and a pacemaker was installed.

“It saved my life. If it hadn’t been for the warning, I wouldn’t have called a doctor. Now I wear my Apple Watch all the time,” Thompson told the Independent.

She continues: I leveled off for 19 seconds. I might not have woken up

Apple introduced enhanced health tracking in 2018 when it launched the Apple Watch Series 4, the first Apple Watch with an ECG feature.

In separate news, the Apple Watch helped a 16-year-old boy in Colorado detect low blood oxygen levels while skiing with his mother, avoiding a potential coma. rice field. Timely detection allowed for medical treatment and recovery.

CBS 8 newscaster Marcella Lee detected low oxygen levels in her son’s blood with her Apple Watch while on a ski trip in Colorado. She noticed that her son’s lips and fingertips were blue, and she put an Apple Watch on her son’s wrist to measure his blood oxygen saturation, which was a surprisingly low 66%. was shown. This prompted Lee to seek immediate medical attention for her son.

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