Apple wants India to account for up to 25% of its product assembly

India’s trade minister said at a meeting on Monday that Apple could hold up to 25% of its product assembly in India, up from around 5%-7% now, as the company belatedly seeks to sell a significant amount of assembly from the Chinese Communist Party. said he hopes dominated China.

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“Apple is another success story,” said Piyush Goyal, pitching India as a competitive manufacturing destination. “They have already reached about 5-7% of their manufacturing in India. If I am not mistaken they are targeting 25% of their manufacturing. Released from India.

Goyal didn’t say when Apple would like to hit the target.

Foxconn plans to quadruple its workforce at its iPhone factory in India in two years, sources told Reuters late last year.

MacDailyNews takes: Amid mounting geopolitical tensions and a bizarre ongoing lockdown in China seeking an unrealizable ‘COVID-zero’ myth, Apple’s supplier will sell 1 in 4 iPhones in India by 2025 could be assembled, JP Morgan analysts said last September. , especially from China under the Chinese Communist Party.

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