Apple VR/AR headset reportedly launching in 2023

new report from bloomberg (via suggests that Apple will release a mixed reality headset with both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) capabilities in 2023.

bloomberg Third Quarter of 2023 (Autumn Northern Hemisphere).

The existence of such a device by the creators of iPhone and Mac has long been rumored. bloomberg suggests that the device has already been in development for seven years.

During this time, several other tech companies, including Meta (formerly Oculus), HTC, Microsoft, PlayStation, Valve, and others, have all experimented with virtual or augmented reality headsets to varying degrees of success. .

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Companies like Meta have evolved their headset technology to avoid wires and focus on onboard computing in standalone headsets. Companies like Valve, on the other hand, have dramatically reversed to improve the accuracy and fidelity of the experience. Hololens, Microsoft’s AR headset, moves away from consumer use and focuses on business applications.

of bloomberg According to the report, Apple’s AR/VR devices will adopt a new operating system called xrOS, separate from the company’s iOS and MacOS systems, and a handful of third-party development studios are working towards the launch of XrOS. It has been suggested that the company is already working on a line of software applications. headset. Apple is also reportedly updating the Apple Store app for iOS. This will allow users to purchase and explore products in the physical Apple Store, introducing a more complex AR experience.

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Augmented Reality is a feature of Apple’s iOS ecosystem introduced in 2018 as a way for applications to utilize the iOS device’s camera and motion sensors to observe a physical environment and virtually place objects within it. Some of the main features. Commonly used for filters in social media applications, furniture, shopping tools, navigation apps and games. Pokémon GO.

Apple’s Reality Pro undoubtedly aims to dramatically improve the experience of such applications.If bloomberg‘s report proved accurate, so we should hear more about this device in the coming months.

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