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There’s no denying the fact that Apple’s App Store has very strict guidelines. As such, it’s not uncommon for platforms to break many policies on a daily basis.

This is why these apps are often banned or suspended until further notice. However, it is interesting that the company tends to ban some apps in response to government requests and this undoubtedly leaves a lot of concern in the minds of major investors and activists.

As such, Apple has shared details about the issue, stating that several apps have disappeared from the App Store without prior warning.

The tech giant assured many investors in early January why it was removing some apps from the App Store, as reported in a recent document published by the Financial Times on Wednesday. He said there was a need for greater transparency. This is consistent with news that some apps are launching from the App Store in countries such as China and Russia.

It’s definitely worrying to see such behavior occurring without a proper justification being provided.For example, nearly 30,000 apps were removed from the Chinese App Store in 2020. This was to allow better compliance with locally set regulations in China.

And in 2021, several study tools apps for iPhone were banned in China for no reason. Obviously, the news is shocking and worrying, as so many people want to know what happened. This is why some of the major activist-based companies, such as Assad Asset Management, have called on the tech giant to provide some transparency on the issue.

For some time, we have seen the company criticized for obtaining demands from foreign governments for the removal of certain apps. Did you know that even the Store isn’t allowed to operate? The same is true for The New York Times and several other social media applications.

Today, a report noted how major iPhone makers determine how many apps each country has requested to be removed from the App Store. We also want to disclose immediately whether such requests are based on violations of law or otherwise, and whether the company ultimately consented to them.

The company also has big plans to disclose to investors that so many apps have been removed for violating App Store guidelines in each country. Now, this kind of information will soon be part of Apple’s transparency report.

For now, the tech giant has reserved comment for later, and we are confident it will have to provide a detailed response after making this statement publicly available.

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