Apple used an Uno reverse card to evade the law, and it may have worked

Apple is trying to block research into mobile browsers and mobile games by the UK’s Competition and Market Authority (CMA). Not surprisingly, as many of you know, website ads and in-app purchases in games generate a lot of revenue. The latter certainly puts a lot of money into Apple’s pocket. In other words, if the CMA finds something fishy, ​​that money might stop flowing, and that’s not good. As such, Apple’s lawsuit filed an appeal that pretended that the CMA had not complied with the timing requirements (basically, the required flow of certain legal investigations in accordance with legal requirements), so the commencement of the investigation was completely sanctioned. Not suitable.

AppleInsider reports that the CMA has released a market research notice, but Apple alleges that where the law requires the use of the word “Must,” the notice itself contains “Shall.” therefore does not comply with the established requirements. Smart.

How did using the word “shall” save Apple from legal scrutiny?

As you can see, “Shall” is too vague for procedural expertise. The law expects us to use the word “must” when talking about obligations, that is, what someone is expected to do. In this case someone is Apple and the problem may be the result of the investigation. So if all this works, the tech giant could escape scrutiny. Or at least for a while until another tech-compliant one comes out. However, the CMA will likely continue its investigation at a lower level, leaving less freedom to poke at Apple’s rotten parts.

But why would Apple want it in the first place? It means that you are doing something. This means they have to sort it out ASAP. Do you realize that it takes time and money?Why do you do that when you can Focus on the expected iPhone 15.

Whatever the outcome, kudos to Apple’s legal team for figuring out a way to withhold an impending investigation. But what this whole ordeal really means is left for your imagination to analyze.

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