Apple TV+ set to enter bidding war for Premier League rights

Apple TV+ executives prepare to bid for the next Premier League domestic TV rights that will change the way the league is broadcast in the UK.

Apple TV+ has a 10-year deal to broadcast Major League Soccer worldwide starting February 1, 2023.

Matt Hughes of the Daily Mail:

They have already tapped into the Premier League market by producing a documentary about the European Super League. Super League: War for Footballwas released yesterday.

The current three-year Premier League deal with Sky Sports and BT Sport expires in 2025 and the bidding process for the next set of rights is expected to begin later this year.

A serious bid from Apple is the biggest threat to Premier League coverage dominance since Sky Sports won the monopoly of the competition in 1992.

MacDailyNews takes: As always, the idea of ​​bringing live exclusive sports to Apple TV+ is pure genius.

Cook should consider bidding and winning the NFL Sunday Ticket off DirecTV, buying rights to Premier League and La Liga games, and making them Apple TV exclusives. Go straight to the sports league with lots of cash. —MacDailyNews, May 6, 2014

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