Apple TV is coming to Android

The Apple TV app appears to be ready for Android “soon”. It’s unlikely Apple will release any more new software in his 2022, so it’s more likely in 2023.

This sounds amazing, but honestly it’s not. Apple has already launched the Apple TV app and Apple TV+ streaming service on Google TV, so this is the next step for Apple to reach more users.

Where did this news come from shrimp apple pro On Twitter, the company said it is now internally beta testing the Apple TV app on Android. Also, his Apple Music app for Android will be updated.

This marks the big change we’ve seen at Apple lately.

Google and Microsoft were the first companies to actually bring their apps and services to other platforms, primarily iOS. And now Apple seems to be changing course to do the same. When Apple Music launched, it also launched on Android. So Apple can let his Android users join the streaming service as well.

I’ve also seen AirPlay, iTunes, and now Apple TV running on TV sets other than the Apple TV hardware Apple sells. And now it looks like Android is the next play. This is a big problem for Apple because there are a lot of people who want to use Apple TV or Apple TV+ even if they don’t own an Apple product.

So, will Apple TV be the go-to app on Android? Probably not. It can be a big Android app for those who use Apple and other products such as Android phones and Chromebooks.

This is the new Apple. Apple actually cares about people who use Apple products and much more. Now it’s amazing. But Apple is also looking to grow its services revenue. Bringing Apple TV to Android means bringing Apple TV+ to Android.

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