Apple TV+ has reportedly Cancelled the Series ‘The Mosquito Coast’ after two seasons

The slow-moving Apple TV+ series “The Mosquito Coast” has been canceled after two seasons, according to Entertainment Reports posted last night. The show follows Ally Fox, played by Justin Theroux, “a brilliant inventor, staunch idealist, and dangerous man who uproots his family in search of escape from the U.S. government, cartels, and hitmen. We will go on adventures.”

The news comes two weeks after the season 2 finale, which saw a fox venture deep into the Guatemalan jungle to meet with a refugee community. Ally and Margot disagree about [Melissa George] In order to protect the future of his family, he takes various paths. The result is either to unite families or tear them apart forever. “

The Mosquito Coast is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Theroux’s uncle, Paul Theroux. For more information, read the full report by The Hollywood Reporter.

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