Apple TV Could Finally Come to Android Smartphones

Apple TV+ photos on Google TV

Apple TV+ is available on Android TV, but not on the Android platform.
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2022 may be nearing that time bowHowever technology The rumor mill is still stirring. The latest pitch revolves around the Apple TV, with an upcoming arrival on the Android platform.

simple Tweet From prominent leaker ShrimpApplePro — the same account that tweeted yesterday pixel tablet Revealed — Apple hints at releasing official Android app for Apple TV+ Content will be available “soon”. Apple Music also appears to have been updated on Android For those tired of Spotify and YouTube Music.But No details other than these arrival declarations.

It’s currently not possible to watch Apple TV+ content on your Android phone. In Google’s ecosystem, yThis can only be done through Android TV/Google TV enabled TVs, streaming boxes and dongles. Android smartphones and tablets are not listed as compatible devices on the Apple TV website.

Still not strange I don’t think this is where Apple plans to expand its offerings.After all, it is another source of income, and many professionals and android fan I write about what Apple gains from pollination outside the walled garden.Bloomberg report The company has been hesitant to do so in the past, fearing it would dry up iPhone sales. But it’s strange that it doesn’t give people more reason to consider switching platforms.

I hope this kind of integration will happen soon later. I recently realized it was the only way to add this season’s holiday classics to my roster without scraping the web, so I decided to give Apple TV+ a try.Certainly Oscar coda, I became more interested in watching Apple TV shows and movies.

Apple Music has had interesting successes on the Android platform as well.Currently hovering on a cool 4.0 play store Not a bad score. go from review, pPeople seem to like the interface better than Spotify, but wish there were more playlists to choose from. Apple Music is currently the highest rated Apple app on Android.

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