Apple TV+ Cancels ‘The Mosquito Coast’

Apple TV+ cancels 'Mosquito Coast'

Apple TV+ has been canceled, according to The Hollywood Reporter Mosquito CoastThe news came just two weeks after the season two finale.

Mosquito Coast According to IMDB, it follows the perilous journey of radical idealist and brilliant inventor Ally Fox.Fox is played by Justin Theroux (Mulholland Drive, Your Highness) Featuring Melissa George (Hunt, Home and Away)Logan Polish (Astronaut Margot)Gabriel Bateman (children play, lights out)who play wife Megan and children Dina and Charlie Fox, respectively.

The drama is based on the 1986 film of the same name starring Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones and the Invaders of the Lost Ark, The Fugitive)Helen Mirren (Queen, Hitchcock)River Phoenix (My Own Private Idaho, Stand By Me)Jadrien Steele (Victorian, Winter Fugue)The film is based on the 1981 novel, also titled Mosquito CoastBy Paul Theroux (Uncle of Justin Theroux), known for his book Great Railway Bazaar When deep south.

via The Hollywood Reporter, Justin Theroux, and showrunner Neil Cross (Luther, mama) It reportedly tried to stick with the original storyline, but ended up making major changes to the TV adaptation. I wanted to push Margot, who didn’t even have the name Margot in the books and movies. She was just called Mom. But we wanted to give her agency. We architecturally thought of her as the real matriarch of her family, and Allie was pretty much one of her children, and we turned her older child into a girl and gave her the agency, too. I wanted to give It turns out that if these two children of hers were raised in such a closed environment, they would not be as evolved or even devolved as their parents. ”

The streaming service first announced news of the thriller in 2019, adding stars George and Theroux, and renewed for a second season just days before the season one finale. Season 2 debuted with its first episode on November 4th last year, with episodes released every Friday thereafter. The season finale, Episode 10, aired on January 6.

Mosquito Coast Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Apple TV+. The second official trailer is available below.


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